Sterling Silver Ammonite Earrings


Nattarika Hartman has just completed a wonder pair of Ammonite Earringsand has put them available to the public on Durango Silver’s website. You can visit the page at by clicking here!  This is an outstanding pair of earrings made with fossilized shell animals from ancient times. They are historic, beautiful and set in a one of a kind Sterling Silver, Lost Wax by Nattarika Hartman of Durango, Colorado.

Sterling Silver Ammonite EarringsLost wax style contemporary sterling silver Ammonite Dangle Earringsby Nattarika Hartman. These large sterling silver dangle earrings feature two halves of an Ammonite or Nautilus Fossil that have been polished like as a gemstone. The back of the fossil halves has been left natural and shows through the back of the earrings. The Ammonite fossil halves are set in a contemporary lost wax design that really suits them and looks like plant roots wrapping around them. These earrings are very unique and surprisingly light for their size. These earrings dangle from French wires by the artist’s choice, but can also be hung from ball posts or lever backs. These Ammonite sterling silver dangle earrings were artisan handmade in Durango, Colorado USA.

We invite you to come and check out this wonderful pair of earrings better.


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