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Blue Turquoise Beads

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Blue Turquoise Beads by NattarikaNattarika Hartmanof Durango Silver Company collects fine Turquoise Beads and creates many styles of Turquoise Beaded Necklaces for all types of people in every price range. These blue Turquoise Beadsare a great example of Nattarika’s work and her ability to meet a price point that almost anyone can afford.

To find authentic Turquoise Beads of this quality and color at a price that is this affordable is a big task. Nattarika made a major bead purchase last week and by buying a large parcel from a business that was liquidating, she was able to really score for Durango Silver Co as well as our customers.

 This great little necklace is the perfect size for every day wear. This necklace is great for a man or women. This sleek necklace features barrel beads of bright blue Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and roundel beads of darker blue Turquoise from the Blue Gem mine in Nevada, USA. These great American Turquoise beads are set on bead-a-lon wire and are finished off on with a sterling silver toggle clasp. This necklace was artisan handmade in Durango, Colorado USA.

Come check this necklace out!

Lime Turquoise Gold Ring

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Gold Ring with Lime TurquoiseLime Turquoise Gold Ring– This outstanding Lime Green Damale Turquoise Gemstone was just put up on Durango Silver Co online store – View Now! It is very unusual as the Lime Turquoise is a gorgeous lime colored green with spectacular spider webbed matrix that is like a forest of browns and greens. It there is a lime green Turquoise picture stone -here it is.

When I was cutting this gem, I was totally engulfed in its beauty and immediately fell in love with the stone. It has so much character, I could not wait to make a piece of Jewelry with it. I decided to make a gold and silver ring as the combination is awesome and as bold as the stone without to many frills. It is a simplistic style with 14 KY gold surrounding the stone with a Sterling Silver ring shank overlaid with teardrops of gold on top of the prongs.

If you like lime green Turquoise, which is rare, check out this ringmade by John Hartman of Durango Silver Company.

Brown Turquoise Video

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010
Brown Tortoise Turquoise from Durango Silver

Dillon and Nattarika have just completed a new video on Brown TurquoiseView Now! This video shows you some rare Brown Turquoise from the Tortoise Turquoise Mine in Nevada as well as other examples and information on this beautiful Turquoise.

Brown Turquoisefrom Nevada is beautiful in Sterling Silver Jewelry produced by Durango Silver Company. We own the Tortoise Turquoise Mine and it produces a spectacular caramel to brown colored Turquoise that is outstanding in color with beautiful spiderweb and black swirled matrix that makes each stone a picture-stone. Brown Turquoise Jewelry is very unusual and has become very popular. Below, in the forth set of Brown Turquoise Jewelry photos, you can see how the Brown Turquoise was made in nature, the host rock was once soft and bled into the Turquoise mineral while it was forming, This justifies that Brown Turquoise from the Tortoise Mine is Brown Turquoise.