Brown Turquoise Video

Brown Tortoise Turquoise from Durango Silver

Dillon and Nattarika have just completed a new video on Brown TurquoiseView Now! This video shows you some rare Brown Turquoise from the Tortoise Turquoise Mine in Nevada as well as other examples and information on this beautiful Turquoise.

Brown Turquoisefrom Nevada is beautiful in Sterling Silver Jewelry produced by Durango Silver Company. We own the Tortoise Turquoise Mine and it produces a spectacular caramel to brown colored Turquoise that is outstanding in color with beautiful spiderweb and black swirled matrix that makes each stone a picture-stone. Brown Turquoise Jewelry is very unusual and has become very popular. Below, in the forth set of Brown Turquoise Jewelry photos, you can see how the Brown Turquoise was made in nature, the host rock was once soft and bled into the Turquoise mineral while it was forming, This justifies that Brown Turquoise from the Tortoise Mine is Brown Turquoise.


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