Anasazi Turquoise

Anasazi Turquoise by Durango Silver Co

Anasazi Turquoise, Ancient Turquoise, Pueblo Bonito

Durango Silver co has created a nice presentation on Anasazi Turquoise that we think is creditable. There is some great and enlightening information on the history of Turquoise in the America’s. There was actually a major trade in Turquoise from the Anasazi Indians at Chaco Canyon to Mesoamerica and maybe far beyond. In 1000 A.D. nomadic traders were coming up from the Mayan culture to obtain Turquoise from the Anasazi Indians. This is a great little story that is very interesting on Anasazi Turquoise.

Anasazi Turquoise -  The Anasazihad trade routes that spanned the western part of North and Mesoamerica. They traded ancient Turquoise for Parrots, Seashells and other trade items brought from Mexico and California by nomadic trade groups. The Anasazi owned Turquoise and copper mines that gave them valuable goods for trade. Archaeologists have found Anasazi Turquoise and copper in Mexico Ruins as well as Parrot Feathers and Seashells from the Gulf of Mexico have been found in the Anasazi Ruins. Check it out!



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