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Mens Turquoise Bracelets

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Mens Turquoise Bracelets by Durango Silver CoMens Turquoise Bracelets  have been a popular Jewelry item for men for centuries. They are not only worn by men in the United States, Mens Turquoise Bracelets are worn around the world by men in many walks of life.

Men often do not wear Jewelry due to their type of work such as a mechanic, contruction worker or others that do manual labor, they would like to but it is not fitting and Jewelry may get in the way of their daily life, however, at the end of the day, these men like to put on their Turquoise Bracelets, Rings, Buckles and etc to kick back and enjoy their time off the clock.

A Mens Turquoise Bracelet is a great piece of Jewelry to give to a man as they will seriously enjoy it. You will need to analyze the gentleman that will be wearing the bracelet and make a good choice in picking one out that will fit his personality.

Durango Silver has made a presentation page on Mens Turquoise Bracelets that can help you in finding what type of a Mens Turquoise Bracelet that the gentleman might like. We have included photos with descriptions of many types of Mens Turquoise Bracelets produced by Durango Silver Co.

We invite you to come and view our presentation page on Mens Turquoise Bracelets now! If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for more help or information.

Silver Turquoise Jewelry History and Information

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Silver Turquoise Jewelry has been made worldwide for, literally, thousands of years. In fact, the Cairo Museum in Cairo, Egypt has Silver Turquoise Jewelry carbon dated prior to 5,500 B.C. Native American Indians have made Sterling Silver Turquoise Jewelry with beads for well over a thousand years and Silver Turquoise Jewelry began with the Navajo Indians of the American Southwest around 1870.

American Silver Turquoise Jewelry was well accepted by the American public shortly after the Navajo Indians started creating their Turquoise Jewelry designs. It is believed Indian Traders first took Native American Indian Sterling Silver Turquoise Jewelry to the booming Southern California by the 1880’s and it was well accepted there. By the mid 1890’s, the Grand Canyon had become well exposed by President Roosevelt and the Railroad was in full swing. Tourist came to the Southwest and took silver Turquoise Jewelry made by the Native American Indians home with them as their favoured souvenir from the American Southwest and the Grand Canyon.

There have been several Silver Turquoise Jewelry booms since its introduction to the American public in the 1800’s. The biggest Turquoise Jewelry boom was in the 1970’s as many major publications including Arizona Highways spurred a tremendous amount of interest by the public for this beautiful and Native American handcrafted art.

Today, Silver Turquoise Jewelry is made, primarily, in the Southwestern U.S. by Native American Indians (Navajo and Zuni), Contemporary Anglo and Hispanic) Artists and Sterling Silver Turquoise Jewelry Manufacturer Shops located throughout Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. The quality and design of American Sterling Turquoise Jewelry varies significantly from the above group of producers. There are many different types of markets for Turquoise Jewelry, from high quality pieces with spectacularly beautiful Turquoise Stones and exquisite silver work all the way down to Turquoise Costume Jewelry sold in department Stores, Boutique Shops and Television Marketing Shows. Really, there is Silver Turquoise Jewelry Rings, Pendants, Bracelets, Earrings and more for every type of person with most any lifestyle.

Durango Silver Company of Durango, Colorado USA has been producing some of the finest quality Silver Turquoise Jewelry coming out of the Southwest for nearly 40 years. We specialize in Turquoise Jewelry with Gemstone quality Turquoise and silver work that meets higher standards than most other companies. Another specialty of Durango Silver Company is rare American Turquoise from Turquoise Mines that have been out of production for one reason or another.

We invite you to our “Learning Center” on the Durango Silver Website to read more on Turquoise and to see some examples of Silver Turquoise Jewelry to give you a quick education. We have included photos of different silver Turquoise Jewelry items along with detailed descriptions of each piece. Please scroll down to see the difference between blue Turquoise Jewelry, Green Turquoise Jewelry, Navajo, Zuni and Contemporary Turquoise Jewelry.

Mens Turquoise Rings

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Turquoise Rings for MensTurquoise Rings for Menare a specialty of Durango Silver Co. We mine and cut most all of the Turquoise Gemstones we use in our Jewelry and we love to use the big beautiful Gems in our Mens Turquoise Rings and extra large rings for women.

We make unusual Turquoise Rings that are not cookie the cutter type made by the typical mass manufacturing companies. Each and every Turquoise Ring that is produced by Durango Silver Co is a one of a kind and is designed with care around a hand cut Turquoise stone that is usually a free form shape.

When a Turquoise stone is cut in a irregular shape, (free form), the ring has to be custom made to fit that one particular gemstone. This is one good way for you to be certain you are getting a handcrafted, one-of-a-kind ring or piece of Jewelry. When a company uses stones that are machine cut in exact dimensions such as ovals, rounds, pears or squares, the rings or jewelry is most likely mass produced.

Typically, a company will make one ring to fit a certain size stone, take a mould of it and then cast hundreds or thousands of the same ring. They then buy mass manufactured stones to fit that particular design. The problem with this type of ring is that the makers ususally try to make them as cheap as they can and will go to any extents to make them even cheaper than their competition. Today, China is producing fake Turquoise stones that look just like the real thing to most consumers and the companies making cheap Jewelry purchase these stones and pass them off as real Turquoise. So, there is usually a reason for certain Jewelry to be cheap and that is because it is junk Jewelry and has no real value.

Durango Silver Company has never been involved in this type of conduct and never will! We make authentic Turquoise Jewelry and we make some of the highest quality Turquoise Mens Rings coming out of the Southwest. We use authentic Turquoise and our Rings are made with Sterling Silver or Gold.

In addition to Mens Turquoise Rings we make Womens Turquoise Rings and unisex Turquoise Rings – Check our our Turquoise Rings Presentation Page! We make unusual Turquoise Rings in all sizes and shapes that both men and women wear. We use collectors Turquoise that is natural and of high quality, we even make White Buffalo Turquoise Rings as well as other White Turquoise Rings from different mines in Nevada that produce White Turquoise that is hard enough to cut into gemstones. Check out our presentation page on White Turquoise Rings.

We also consider our Turquoise Jewelry of Spiritual quality. Did you know Turquoise was one of the first gemstones known to man? The Egyptians found Turquoise over 6000 years ago and it was mainly use by healers and medicine men. Turquoise has been known for thousands of for having Spiritual powers that bring good health, happiness and fortune. It has only been in the last few years that Turquoise has become a fashion gem, however, it has actually been a holistic stone used for metaphysical purposes in the past.  Most every Tibetan wears Turquoise in their daily life and they have vases and other items made with Turquoise in their homes. We have studied the Spiritual aspects of Turquoise and value these historic beliefs and respect them as well. For this reason, among others, we make authentic Turquoise Jewelry that has real value. Our Mens Turquoise Rings are considered metaphysical by many and we sell them all over the world for this purpose. Check out our Spiritual Turquoise Page!

We invite you to check out our Turquoise Rings for men if you are interested in high quality authentic Turquoise Jewelry for men. Go to and look at our Mens Turquoise Rings.

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