Turquoise Rings

Mens Turquoise RingA Turquoise Ring is a great piece of Jewelry for either a man or a women. A Turquoise Ring is very American and it is our heritage. Native Americans found Turquoise in Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado over 1,000 years ago and the stone has been sacred and is known to bring the bearer health, good luck and fortune. At this time in our nation and our lives, heaven knows, we need it!

 Durango Silver Company is proud to offer the finest quality Turquoise Rings available today from the Southwest U.S. and they are made right here in Durango Colorado. We use high quality authentic Turquoise that we cut from Turquoise that we have mined ourselves in Nevada or have collected for over 40 years.

We invite you to come and look at what we have to offer, we think you will be glad you did.


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