Turquoise Chakra

The Powers of Turquoise and ChakraTurquoise Chakra- Turquoise has been used for Spiritual purposes for several thousand years. Ancient healers used Turquoise for and people who study Chakra recognize Turquoise as well.

Metaphysical healing is much differant then modern medicine as it is a form of healing that is done from within, meaning your state of mind.

It is commonly known that your mental state of mind can naturally prevent and cure ailments. When the mind thinks good thoughts, is clear of bad thoughts and generally at ease, a person is calm and comfortable within. This is good medicine that will have a major effect on the persons overall well being.

Spiritual Healers use different methods to work on the mind to help people find a way to have peace with themselves and to live in a sense of harmony. It is a fact, when a person is happy they will live a better life and good will naturally be an Ora that surrounds them.

Turquoise is a comfort stone that is a natural gem from the Earth. Its color ranges from blue to green which are comfort colors to human beings. Healers, worldwide, recognize Turquoise as the skystone that was put on earth from the powers above. Crystal Healers recognize Turquoise for its mineral content and believe it has healing and spiritual powers. Many people throughout the world are drawn to Turquoise and notably feel a connection with it.

Turquoise has been a major part of our life and we have made it our life at Durango Silver Co. We love Turquoise ourselves and  feel it has brought happyness, good health and fortune to our lives. We love what we do and are honored to share the the best of this wonderful Gemstone with you!


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