Silver Turquoise Jewelry

Silver Turquoise Jewelry by Durango Silver Company

Silver Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise Jewelry has been made worldwide for, literally, thousands of years. In fact, the Cairo Museum in Cairo, Egypt has Silver Turquoise Jewelry carbon dated prior to 5,500 B.C. Native American Indians have made Sterling Turquoise Jewelry with beads for well over a thousand years and Silver Turquoise Jewelry began with the Navajo Indians of the American Southwest around 1870.

American Turquoise Jewelry was well accepted by the American public shortly after the Navajo Indians started creating their Silver Turquoise Jewelry designs. It is believed Indian Traders first took Native American Indian Sterling Silver Turquoise Jewelry to the booming Southern California by the 1880′s and it was well accepted there. By the mid 1890′s, the Grand Canyon had become well exposed by President Roosevelt and the Railroad was in full swing. Tourist came to the Southwest and took silver Turquoise Jewelry made by the Native American Indians home with them as their favoured souvenir from the American Southwest and the Grand Canyon.

There have been several Silver Turquoise Jewelry booms since its introduction to the American public in the 1800′s. The biggest Turquoise Jewelry boom was in the 1970′s as many major publications including Arizona Highways spurred a tremendous amount of interest by the public for this beautiful and Native American handcrafted art.

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