Blue Turquoise Pendants

Blue Turquoise Pendants by Durango Silver CoBlue Turquoise Pendants have been favoured by many throughout the years, and for good reason. For over 7,500 years, Turquoise has been known as the skystone by peoples throughout the world. Medicine Men, Healers, Spiritual Leaders, Kings, Pharaohs and people of all walks of life connect metaphysically with Blue Turquoise.
Blue Turquoise Pendants are today and have been historically in high demand by individuals seeking a piece of Turquoise Jewelry for themselves to wear. A Turquoise Pendant is a great choice for your first piece of Turquoise Jewelry and if you already have other items, a Blue Turquoise Pendant would be a great addition to your collection. Below are some variations of Blue Turquoise Pendants produced by Durango Silver Co.
We invite you to check out our Blue Turquoise Pendants Presentation which includes photos, descriptions and some great reading.



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