Turquoise Gold Rings

Mens Gold Turquoise RingsThere are many types of Gold Rings but Turquoise Gold Rings are very special. Turquoise is one of the oldest gemstones known to man. It was found over 7,500 years ago and has been used for metaphysical purposes by ancient healers of the world and it has been coveted by native peoples worldwide as the SkyStone from the gods above. King Tut’s Tomb is encrusted with Turquoise, Gladiators would not go into the arena without Turquoise on their person and Navajo Medicine Men used Turquoise as a healing stone. It has  been propresized that Turquoise will bring you good health, happyness and prosperity when worn.

A Turquoise Gold Ring is a unique ring with metaphysical powers and is also a spectacular piece of art when made by Durango Silver Company. We invite you to read our article on Turquoise Gold Rings and visit our online store to view the Gold Rings we presently offer.


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