Morenci Turquoise Collection

Morenci Turquoise Collection find!Great Day! Dillon bought a  big collection of Morenci Turquoisetoday! The Morenci Turquoise collection came out of Farmington New Mexico from an old miner from Morenci, Arizona. The gentleman had been a miner at the Morenci Copper Mine since 1960 until about 1975. He said the Turquoise was plentiful when he worked there, he worked with a front end loader moving thousands of tons of rock from blasts. He would spot the Morenci Turquoise and set it aside in piles to come back and pick up before he went home at night. He said at one time he had over 600 lbs of Morenci Turquoise in his back yard.

Anyway, Dillon got the rest of his best Morenci Turquoise that he had been saving. He just got to old and decided he was not going to ever do anything with it so he called Dillon. Dillon bought 120 lbs of high grade natural Morenci Turquoise from this old guy. What a find!

Well, I guess you will be seeing some great Morenci Turquoise Jewelry from Durango Silver Company in the months and years to come. Make certain you get on our mail list/Newsletter if you want to get in on the Morenci Turquoise deal of a lifetime.



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