Mens Turquoise Rings

We made a couple of Blogs on Mens Turquoise Rings in the last couple of months and have got a lot of feedback. We didn’t realize how many men like to wear a Turquoise Ring and they wear them differently then women. A women tends to wear her wedding ring every day and switches between her collection of many different rings daily on her other fingers as her mood changes. We have received information from different women that they do wear their Turquoise Rings more often then many others.

Men, on the other hand, tend to wear one Ring on a daily basis. Men often do not wear a wedding ring or band and prefer a different type of ring that they feel fits their personality. In polling our customers, many men prefer to wear a colored stone ring and a Men’s Turquoise Rings is very popular in our survey.  Men like a sleek Sterling Silver Mens Turquoise Ring that is not to flashy but still bold.

Durango Silver Company has many Inlay Mens Turquoise Rings that fit that desire by men and we will be working hard to create new designs to make additional styles to have a good choice for Men’s Turquoise Rings.



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