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Durango Silver Company Link Exchange upgrade. We have been doing a lot of research to find that our Link Exchange partners have been getting a lot of traffic from our efforts, and, we too have been recieving a substancial amount of visitors to specific pages from the inline text links we have gotten from them. When we began our Link Exchange program we thought we would lose business to our competitors, however, it has been quite the oppisite as we have gain business from our efforts.

We started a new Link Exchange program from our investigations; we now put a photo with Alt Text and a Link, an inline Text Link and a paragraph of relevant information on our partners business. We keep the Links to Jewelry businesses that are related to ours and our Link Exchange Pages are getting indexed by Google weekly. Here is an example of our new Link Exchange pages.

If you have a Jewelry, Gemstone, Fashion or Website that sells or supplies information on one of these subjects and you would like to link to us; contact


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