Womens Turquoise Ring

Womens Ring with Manassa Colorado TurquoiseI remember purchasing this particular piece of Manassa Turquoise from Bill King, owner of the Mine as it was very special. I gave it to Crystal to make up into a Turquoise Womens Ring and I think she did a nice job. The Lost Wax method of making Jewelry is unique and produces a very individualistic look which makes people feel great about thier piece of Jewelry.

There is a great new story coming up on Durango Silver Company about Kings Manassa Turquoise that I recently wrote. Bill King has recently sold the Kings Manassa Turquoise Mine and we hope the new owners will find a new vien of Turquoise and do well as this is spectacular Turquoise. View my article “Womens Turquoise Ring” on DurangoSilver.com.


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