Southwestern Jewelry by Crystal Hartman

Turquoise Ring by Crystal HartmanCrystal Hartman was born and raised in Durango, Colorado in a family of Native American Indian Art and Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry Traders, John and Estell Hartman. Her life was surrounded by the cultures of the Southwest and had a major affect on her life. She went on to college in Boulder to study Art and accomplished way more than a degree. When she graduated from college, she went on a worldwide tour studying Art, Culture and where she wanted to be positioned in the world of Art.

We are proud and happy Crystal has come back to us and has taken up making Jewelry as one of her artforms for her portfolio. She is doing outstanding and her works are unusually differant and like no others being made by artists of the Southwest. As Turquoise is so popular and our family has such great roots, it is one of her favorite gemstones to work with. She uses a lot of others, but, as we all do – Crystal loves Turquoise!

We invite you to see some of the Jewelry made by Crystal Hartman and hope you like it. You can email her comments on her work at



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