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Southwest Turquoise Inlay Jewelry

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Natural Turquoise for Inlay JewelryDurango Silver Company produces Turquoise Inlay Jewelry with natural Turquoise. This is rare and hard to find as most Turquoise Inlay manufactures use stabilized, enhanced or fake Turquoise to inlay with. For over 37 years, it has been our pride to produce Turquoise Jewelry with the finest available natural Turquoise gemstone, our Inlaid Turquoise Jewelry is made with the same.
In addition, Durango Silver Company is now going to produce a new line of Jewelry – Medaphysical Inlaid Turquoise Jewelry. If you would like to read more about inlayed Turquoise Jewelry or our new Medaphysical Turquoise Jewelry, View Our Page

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Custom Turquoise Knives by David Kopec

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010
Custom Turquoise Knives by Dave Kopec

One of a kind handmade Knives with Turquoise Handles

David Kopec, from Colorado, is a knife maker of a different breed. Dave admired and collected custom American handmade knives for 20 years prior to taking up the art himself. Custom knives by Dave Kopec are one of a kind of unusual character and quality. He uses the finest quality steel blades and inlays the knife handles with natural American Turquoise. His work is awesome and he puts his heart and soul into each and every piece he makes. If you collect or admire unusual knives or Turquoise items check out these knives by David Kopec; and read more on Dave Kopec!

How Turquoise Beads Are Made

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Making a Turquoise Bead

Beads were the first form of Jewelry that was found with the use of Turquoise. Archeologists in many parts of the world have uncovered Turquoise Beads dating back over 7,000 years. Bead making has continued in many cultures since those pre-historic times. Native American Indians of the Southwestern United States have made Turquoise Beads for well over a thousand years. Today, Turquoise Beads are more popular than ever and are made in many parts of the world. If you would like to see how Turquoise Beads are made, we invite you to check out a step by step presentation by Daniel Lopaki. Check out the Turquoise Bead Making Story here;  The Santo Domingo Native American Indians are noted as being some of the most prolific Turquoise Bead Makers of the American Southwest – Check out our story on Santa Domingo Bead makers

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