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Bear Claw Stormy Mountain Turquoise Necklace

Product Code: DSN00132
Stone Type: Stormy Mountain Turquoise
Bear Claw Stormy Mountain Turquoise Necklace
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  • 29 Inch
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  • Bear Claw Stormy Mountain Turquoise Necklace

    Huge, show style Bear Claw Stormy Mountain Turquoise Necklace made by John Hartman of Durango Silver Company. This mens Turquoise necklace is a one-of-a-kind work of Southwestern Jewelry art. The Stormy Mountain and Bear Claw sterling silver necklace has 17 high quality Stormy Mountain Turquoise stones with a combined weight of over 400 carats. The Bear Claws are awesome, natural, and giant. The silver work in this Bear Claw Stormy Mountain Turquoise Necklace is extensive. The bottom piece of the necklace took Dillon and John Hartman both to solder! The RARE natural Stormy mountain Turquoise cabochons used in this southwestern jewelry masterpiece were all cut from one Turquoise nugget. This American Turquoise nugget was mined from the Stormy Mountain mine in Nevada in 1969 by Cutler Edgar and cobbed out by John and Estell Hartman who at this time worked with Cutler mining the Stormy Mountain mine. The Hartman’s cut the nugget in 1970 and it has been in the vault ever since. John has been keeping both the claws and Turquoise since 1970, waiting for the right idea to come into his head as to what to do with the wonderful and rare blue Nevada Turquoise. This is probably one of the largest, highest quality Bear Claw Stormy Mountain Turquoise Necklace you will ever see. This is truly a rarity. John Hartman is also known as "John Hoskie" a name that was given to him when his jewelry was being promoted and sold exclusively by Little Bert King jewelry company in the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's. You can read about this in Arizona Highways and many other famous books on Turquoise Jewelry which show his breath taking work under this false nickname. John did not approve of this name and of being called Navajo as he is not affiliated with the tribe and respects its members immensely. As John Hoskie, John Hartman is revered as one of the top Southwestern and Turquoise Jewelry artists ever. This Mens Turquoise Necklace is a one of a kind piece and a major addition to any Turquoise Jewelry collection. What a wonderful example of Handcrafted Silver Jewelry this silver necklace is. This Stormy Mountain Turquoise and bear claw necklace was artisan handcrafted in Durango, Colorado USA.

    American Turquoise Necklace – Stormy Mountain Turquoise and Kodiak Bear Claws - Hot Turquoise Jewelry

    This outstanding American Turquoise Necklace is like no other you will ever see! This is a Kodiak Bear Claw Necklace that features over 400 carats of Stormy Mountain Turquoise. The Silverwork was created by John Hartman, a master Silversmith of the American Southwest since the early 1970’s. John has been well known, worldwide, for producing some of the finest American Turquoise Necklaces coming out of the American Southwest for nearly forty years.

    Authentic Natural American Turquoise

    John and Estell Hartman mined Turquoise with Cutler Edgar of Battle Mountain, Nevada in 1971 at the Stormy Mountain Turquoise Mine, John cut the gemstones that are in this Turquoise Necklace from Turquoise they mined over 40 years ago. Cutler Edgar discovered many of America’s finest Turquoise Mines including the Stormy Mountain Turquoise Mine, the Number 8 Spiderweb Turquoise Mine and many others. This American Turquoise Necklace was made with authentic, natural, American Turquoise from Nevada.

    American Turquoise Necklaces from Durango Silver Company

    Durango Silver Company specializes in high quality American Turquoise Necklaces that are made with exceptional American Turquoise that you can be assured is what we sell it as. We have collected, mined and cut Turquoise for over forty years and are among the few leading authorities on Native American Turquoise. The Bear Claw necklace is 29 inches long and weighs 587 grams. Each stone in the clasp is approx. : 22.54mm high X 20.88mm wide. Each stone in each Bear Claw piece is approx. : 30.60mm long X 23.10mm wide. Each Bear Claw is approx. : 2 3/4 inches long. The center piece of handcrafted silver measures : 4 1/2 inches long X 3 inches wide. The biggest stone measures : 47.05mm long X 33.32mm wide. This is a hot Turquoise Jewelry Necklace and a serious collectors item!