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Authentic Lander Blue Turquoise Cabochon

Product Code: DSC429
Stone Type: Lander Blue Turquoise
Authentic Lander Blue Turquoise Cabochon
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  • Authentic Natural Lander Blue Turquoise Cabochon

    This is a authentic Lander Blue Turquoise Cabochon from Nevada, USA. It was purchased by John and Estell Hartman from Cutler Edgar in Battle Mountain, Nevada in 1974. There is absolutely no doubt this is Lander Blue and it will hold up to any test! This stone has the deep deep blue with jet black spider webbing with hints of brown that is a dead give away that it is truely Lander Blue. It measures approximately 13.5mm across and weighs 5.8 carats, it is priced at $150.00 per carat which is a steal in today's marketplace for this grade, color and spiderweb configuration. We have genuine, natural, Lander Blue Turquoise cabochons for sale from $80.00 per carat up to 200.00 per carat, in ultra-limited quantity. Rita J. Hapgold, a blackjack dealer at the Nevada Club at Battle Mountain, discovered This turquoise deposit in 1973 while picnicking at Indian Creek. She collected some nuggets in a can and later claimed the site as the Mary Louise Lode Mining Claim. Later that year she sold her claim to Marvin Syme and Henry Dorian, who formed the Lander Blue Turquoise Corporation. Lander Blue was a "hat mine" so called because you could cover it with a hat, only 98 pounds of turquoise was ever recovered from it. Today This rarest of all Southwestern turquoise classics is also of the highest grade and thus, pound for pound, the most valuable turquoise in the world. All Lander Blue Turquoise Cabochons come with a Certificate of Authenticity.