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Artistic Tibetan Turquoise and Sugilite Pendant

Product Code: DSP00276
Stone Type: Sugilite, Tibetan Turquoise
Artistic Tibetan Turquoise and Sugilite Pendant
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  • Contemporary multi stone artistic Tibetan Turquoise and Sugilite pendant by Nattarika Hartman. This contemporary sterling silver pendant is a one-of-a-kind work of art. The fashion silver pendant features one teardrop shaped natural Tibetan Turquoise cabochon and one natural Sugilite cabochon. These two natural gemstones are set into a “Lost Wax” style sterling silver pendant. This pendant has a very earth and organic feel with its vine like silver work. The spider web Tibetan Turquoise and Sugilite pendant is hollow backed so that you can see all sides of these wonderful natural gemstones. This is all hung from a large sterling silver bale. This fashion silver pendant would be a wonderful addition to any silver jewelry or Turquoise jewelry collection. This Tibetan Turquoise and Sugilite pendant was artisan handcrafted in Durango, Colorado USA by Nattarika Hartman.

    The top stone ( Sugilite ) measures : 11.84mm long X 7.95mm wide. The bottom stone ( Tibetan Turquoise ) measures : 17.37mm long X 15.56mm wide. The pendant weighs 14 grams. Total length is 2 1/2 inches ( including the bale ).

    ( 1 Inch = 25.4 mm )
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